Rakan's 1993 Turbo GTobra​

After he got the Fox running the way he wanted, he then stripped it down and installed a 8 point roll cage before taking it to paint, he already knew what he was going to paint the Fox by then, he had his eyes on the Audi Nardo Gray. It was the perfect standout color for the Fox that no Fox ever had before. With the combination of Nardo Gray and black wheels the exterior of this Fox is nothing less than perfect.

When it came time for the interior, being an old school Fox owner and getting to see all the new generation flashy interiors with all that Carbon Fiber going around, he then decided to update his interior with Carbon Fiber products from FBC. 

His words after the Carbon Fiber interior products update : "Now my build is complete".

All we have to say about this Fox is, We Love It.

Owner :  Humood Rakan
​Year :  1993
Engine :  Boost friendly Dart 331sbf
Trans :  TKO 600
Induction :  Custom Single Turbo kit
Rearend :  Built 8.8
Suspension :  UPR
Brakes :  Aerospace 4lug
Color :  Nardo Gray
Interior : FoxBody Composites

RAKAN BOYS, If you ever lived in the Middle East ( Kuwait )  and were around the drag racing scene in the 80's 90's and early 2000, then you would know the name.
​RAKAN brothers were all over the drag strip building and upgrading Foxes making a name for them self. And now years later with kids of their own that are into modern Mustangs, it was time for the big boys to show the young generation of RAKAN's what a FOXBODY Mustang is.
Humood Rakan the owner of this beautiful Fox was always a 
tasteful guy, always knew what to do to standout and make his builds unique.

​The Build started with a stock red 93 GT, Humood then built a boost friendly 331 Dart based sbf with a custom single 74 turbo kit backed with a tko 600. He wasn't looking for a dyno queen, but more of a daily old school that can outrun the new generation with their supercharged 5.0's,  there was no need for a 9" rear as every mustang enthusiast knows that a built 8.8 ford rear can handle almost anything, so he upgraded the stock 8.8 with 31 axles, kept the 4 lugs while doing it with Aerospace brakes and Bugart wheels.